Updated December, 2017

John Bartlit                (505) 672-9792        Acting Chair

John Bartlit received a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering at Purdue Univ. in 1956 and a Doctor's degree in chemical engineering at Yale in 1963. He was a research engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1962 to 1993. He has been a volunteer with New Mexico Citizens for Clean Air & Water since 1969 and has worked to cut pollution from New Mexico's coal-fired power plants, copper smelters, wood waste burners, mining operations, and computer chip operations. John has authored biweekly newspaper columns on environment from 1971 to the present. He also served as a public representative on New Mexico Mining Commission from 1997 to 2002.  

Jessie Lawrence  (505) 603-4351          Facilitator

Jessie Lawrence is an attorney and ADR professional based in Santa Fe. She has more than 10 years of experience in mediation, facilitation, and program development and regularly works with organizations in the public and private sectors as a consultant, group facilitator, mediator, professional coach, and trainer. 

Sarah Chavez            (505) 794-4917   

Sarah Chavez was born in Albuquerque NM and went to NM Tech, where she obtained a BS in Environmental Engineering.  She has been with Intel since 1993 and has worked as an Environmental Engineer in the air, waste, wastewater, and ISO14001 programs.  She participated as an examiner and judge for the NM Green Zia Environmental Excellence Program. 

Hugh Church              (505) 314-9282 

Hugh, born in Santa Fe, received a BS degree from UNM and an MS degree in meteorology from UCLA.  He is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM-retired) by the American Meteorological Society.  He was a member (later senior member) of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories from 1957 retiring in1998.  He previously served in the U.S. Weather Bureau’s Severe Local Storms Research Unit in Washington, DC.  He is a member of the American Meteorological Society, the American Geophysical Union, and the local Air and Waste Management Association chapter.  He is currently a volunteer and board member of the American Lung Association in New Mexico.

Dennis O'Mara             (505) 899-0151        

During most of his 35-year career with the Centers for Control and Prevention, Mr O'Mara worked to improve vaccine coverage among U.S. infants, children, adolescents and adults, thereby helping to prevent unnecessary disease, disability and death. As a member of the Community Environmental Working Group (CEWG), he aims to contribute to the dialogue about what Intel should do to minimize its discharge of harmful chemicals into the air we breath in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Corrales. Immunization is considered the most important public health development of the 20th century. Perhaps elimination of pollution of our environment can become one of the hallmarks of public health improvement in the 21st century. In general, O'Mara's position as a CEWG member is that Intel must find ways to eliminate its discharge of harmful pollutants altogether by collecting the chemicals after they are used in production and relocating them elsewhere so they can be recycled or rendered harmless. 

Mike Williams            (505) 455-7221  

Mike Williams has BS, MS, and Ph.D degrees from UCLA in engineering. He has approximately 35 years of experience in air quality modeling and measurements. He is a co-founder of New Mexico Citizens for Clean Air and Water and has provided atmospheric modeling assistance to several conservation organizations. He also served as the chairman of the Southwest Regional Conservation Committee of the Sierra Club. In 2014, he received a 2014 Sierra Club national award for strong and consistent commitment to conservation over an extended period of time  The Sierra Club award states that "Williams is a national authority on clean air issues."